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Cori Daniels

Technical Director

I am passionate about developing players to reach the top. As an ex-professional footballer, I know what it takes and can’t wait to share with you how with dedication and practice you can make huge steps forward in football.

If you ask any professional footballer what they did to make it to the top they will all say hard work and a passion for the game. When i played football all of our development came from the coaches and then it was self taught practice and a hope that you were doing the right things.

Now there are hundreds if not thousands of videos and other content all over the internet of talented players doing things. Most of which is showboating for the camera. We created She Plays Football because we wanted to do things properly. Using my years of experience, playing and coaching girls and women at the highest level i have created a curriculum for every position on the pitch, looking at in-possession and out-of-possession as well as looking at the wider aspects of football development like strength and conditioning and the mentality of the game.

I hope that by following the guidance we have created and dedicating enough time each week to practising we will see a massive uptick in the level of talent in the girls game.

I hope you enjoy it