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How She Plays Football can benefit Clubs

Running a football club is really difficult, trust us we know from experience. It is a constant battle to recruit and retain players. Trying to improve every single player in your club or team is really difficult as you invariably have a squad of 15 or 16 players per team all vying for the coach’s feedback and attention. To make it even worse you need to fund the club by getting sponsors to pay for the kit, subs to pay for the pitches and referees and not to mention buying equipment like balls, cones, bibs etc.

She plays football has created our Ambassador program which we hope will help clubs to tackle many of the issues raised above.

How you ask?


Central Attaching Midfielder Curriculum

Benefits to clubs of becoming an SPF Ambassador

  • Free access to coaches at your club so they can send individual links to training drills to each player so they can improve
  • Discounted membership to your players of 10% with a unique club code, added value to your players
  • Revenue share of 10% of each and every individual player that becomes a paying member of She Plays Football for every month that they remain a paying member
Become a Club Ambassador