She Plays Football For Coaches


She plays football has been created primarily for players to self-develop when they are not training with you, their coach.

The player and their parent/guardian can obviously decide what they want to work on, find a relevant training drill and then practice with little or no guidance from you. However, as a coach, you have an extremely important role to play in each of your players’ individual and collective development.

Imagine that one of your players needs to work on a particular aspect of their game, for example, dribbling, you can’t focus purely on that girl at your training sessions as you have 15 or 16 other players that need your help so this is where She Plays Football can help.

Now you can say to the player, I’d like you to work on your dribbling at home this week. Point her in the direction of She Plays Football, she will need to sign up as a member and she can then find dribbling drills and practice between your training sessions. Makes the player better and improves her ability which benefits the team. It’s a win-win.

To make it even better for you as a coach, you can benefit from any of your players becoming a paying member if you sign up as an SPF Ambassador.

Also if you are a female UEFA ‘A’ or ‘B’ coach and you would like to create some content on the platform please get in touch and we will pay you to create content and you can earn revenue from people viewing and joining as a result of your content. If you would like to find out more get in touch using our contact form.


Join our ambassador programme and benefit from:

  • Free access to She Plays Football
  • Help your individual players to develop with training drills that you think they need to improve
  • Revenue share of 10% paid to you for every player that signs up for every month they continue to pay
  • Opportunity to become one of our training drill coaches if you are a female UEFA ‘A’ or UEFA ‘B’ qualified coach