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Historically called a winger this position has changed and evolved as formations have changed. This role can be a winger but equally it can be part of an attacking three. You need to have great stamina and speed for the position as you have a role to play with a high press but also chasing back to support your full back and to top it all off you will be expected to create and finish opportunities to score.

We have broken down our curriculum into three sections:

  1. Specific Attributes
  2. In-Possession
  3. Out-of-Possession

We have also suggested some training videos in each area.

Wide forwards specific attributes


  • Receives the ball and turns to attack defenders
  • Can beat an opponent individually
  • Can beat an opponent with combination play
  • Can beat an opponent with penetrative dribbles
  • Can beat an opponent with 1 or no touches
  • Delivers accurate crosses to teammates in goal-scoring positions whilst moving at maximum speed
  • Provides accurate passes whilst moving at maximum speed
  • Scores goals in a variety of ways


  • When possible looks to show and run beyond the opponents’ defence
  • Combines with supporting players to beat immediate defenders
  • Attacks opponents with the ball with the intention to eliminate them individually
  • Evade defenders with varied dribbling skills
  • Attacks infield, with or without the ball to contribute to combination play around the penalty area
  • Arrives in goal-scoring positions


  • Speed endurance throughout the game
  • Explosive acceleration – in and out of possession
  • Movement of the ball to receive
  • Speed
  • Change of pace
  • Agile with and without the ball


  • Positive approach to attacking opponents
  • Determined to repeatedly attack opponents
  • Persist to repeatedly attack opponents
  • Controlled when crossing
  • Composed when crossing
  • Composed when passing
  • Composed when shooting
Wide forward in possession curriculum

Wide Forward In Possession

There are 6 key areas of focus in our curriculum for wide forwards:

  • Movements
  • Receiving skills
  • Turning
  • 1v1 duel
  • Cross types
  • Shooting

In possession drills

Other positions