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Centre Forward Curriculum

Everyone remembers the goalscorer but not everyone remembers what is needed to be an exceptional centre-forward. Of course, shooting is key but more important is the movement that gets you in position to score or the movement that creates space for others to score. You are the focal point for attacks and the start of the high press when out of possession. Our curriculum aims to deliver against all of the needs of an outstanding centre-forward.

We have broken down our curriculum into three sections:

  1. Specific Attributes
  2. In-Possession
  3. Out-of-Possession

We have also suggested some training videos in each area.

Centre forward specific attributes


  • Scores at a rate of 1.5 goals per game
  • Instinctive reaction to any type of delivery
  • Instinctive reaction to any type of loose ball in the box
  • Finishes with limited touches, preferably one
  • Links and combines with support players using 1 or 2 touches
  • Protects the ball in tightly opposed situations
  • Effective in 1v1 situations
  • Scores goals in a variety of ways


  • Will show as a pass outlet for deeper players
  • Understand how to position against opposition to create maximum advantage
  • Makes calculated movements
  • Adopts positions that raise doubt in the mind of the defenders
  • Awareness to exploit space in front and beyond defenders
  • Receives passes in goal-scoring and goal-creating positions
  • Escapes man-markers with timely and intelligent movement
  • Traps. Channels and contains opponents as required


  • Explosive speed
  • Agile
  • Displays sustained speed
  • Speed endurance
  • Spring and timing
  • Movement off the ball to receive
  • Body strength to hold off physical challenges


  • Composed when shooting
  • Competitive
  • Willing to chase down forward passes
  • Adaptable to the state of the game
  • Aware of the state of the game
  • Bravery in goal scoring moments
  • Determined to repeatedly attack opponents
  • Displays intelligent positioning
Centre forward In possession curriculum

Centre Forward In possession curriculum

The Centre Forward curriculum centres around 6 key areas:

  • Contacts in the box
  • Finishing
  • Finishing from crosses
  • Finishing from tight areas
  • Receiving skills
  • 1v1 duel

In Possession drills

Other positions