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Central Attacking Midfielder Curriculum

Often seen as the most influential role in a team from an attacking position. The team looks to this role to orchestrate everything that happens in the opponent’s half of the pitch. It requires exceptional technical ability and a huge amount of creativity but this must be balanced with self-control as over-ambition can often result in losing the ball to the opponents.  In the modern game the defence starts with the strikers and the CAM working together to press the opponents defence and this must never be forgotten.

We have broken down our curriculum into three sections:

  1. Specific Attributes
  2. In-Possession
  3. Out-of-Possession

We have also suggested some training videos in each area.

Central Attacking Midfielder Specific Attributes


  • Can beat an opponent individually
  • Can beat an opponent with combination play
  • Can beat an opponent with penetrative dribbles
  • Availability to receive the ball in all circumstances
  • Receives and secures the ball under pressure
  • Delivers passes to forward players with accuracy and sensitivity, either aerially or on the ground
  • Turns out of pressure with the ball in a variety of ways
  • Angle and distance to receive pass


  • Dictates tempo
  • Retains possession with effective passing skills
  • Look forward, play forward
  • Can play with disguise – shapes for one option but plays another
  • Moves into goal scoring positions
  • Scores with various techniques
  • Body positioning to receive the ball – side on- protect
  • Excellent vision and awareness to observe all options available


  • Aerobic capacity
  • Anaerobic capacity
  • Speed endurance
  • Movement off the ball to receive
  • Body positioning – open body position
  • Speed – explosive
  • Change of pace


  • Adapts playing style to the state of the game
  • Creativity
  • Intelligence and awareness
  • Decision making
  • Positive, controlled competitiveness
  • Displays Intensity
  • Displays composure
  • Recognition of opponents strategy
Central Attacking Midfielder Out of Possession Curriculum

Central Attacking Midfielder Out of Possession

As a CAM the focus out of possession is defending from the front with a high press so you need to work on two core aspects:

  • 1v1 excellence
  • Stop them starting

Out of Possession Drills

Central attacking midfielder in possession curriculum

Central Attacking Midfielder In Possession

The areas to work on as a Central Attacking midfielder when In Possession are as follows:

  • Receiving Skills
  • Turning
  • Pass selection
  • 1v1 Excellence
  • Killer ball
  • Shooting

In Possession drills

Other positions