Our Curriculum

How To Structure Your Training And Development

Our Technical Director has created a player development curriculum upon which all of the training drills on She Plays Football follows. At the heart of the curriculum is the English FA 4 corner model.

The model is designed not only to develop the football ability but also to develop the player as a person. Each of the corners works in harmony rather than in isolation and our training drills are designed to touch each part of the model where possible.

She Plays Football is primarily about the player and all of the drills should be considered in relation to the FA model but to help you to understand how you can develop in your favoured position we have developed this high-level theory into position-specific guidance which will be more relevant to you as a player.

Specifically, we look at:

Position-specific attributes of a player in that position

Areas to work on when you are ‘Out-of-possession’ (Defending)

Areas to work on when you are ‘In-Possession’ (Attacking)

Clicking on the positions below will explain each position and the type of drills you should look for on She Plays Football.

In order to understand the entire game of football, we would encourage you to look at all positions, not just yours, to understand every player on the pitch and what they should be looking to achieve in their position as this will help with your game understanding.


When thinking about how to apply our curriculum in a game scenario you need to think about when you are in possession and when you are out of possession. Each aspect of football has specific characteristics to consider

In Possession

  • An assured and varied technical foundation in all players.
  • Intelligent football based on ball retention, a flexible playing system and individual players technical, tactical capabilities and understanding.
  • Tactically effective and controlled use of possession.
  • The game is primarily a contest in the application of high level skill and craft
  • Clear purpose in team play, centred on an attacking to win approach.
  • Calculated and appropriate chances of playing tempo.
  • Sensible adherence to the principles of play in all phases of the game.
  • Fair play in competitive and honest spirit.

Out of Possession

  • Team defending is based on a clear understanding of the defensive principles of play.
  • The ball is regained by intelligent and skilled effort, allied to the group and team understanding of tactical objectives.
  • All players show a defensive mentality and understanding of the loss of possession.
  • Players are aware and operate with a clear appreciation of their ever-changing individual defensive roles and responsibilities.
  • All individuals and collective defending is assertive but fair and is undertaken within the laws and spirit of the game.
  • Players are able to function in a man-marking and zonal defensive structure.

Curriculum By Position


Centre Back

Full Back

Central Defensive Midfielder

Central Attacking Midfielder


Centre Forward