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Central Defensive Midfielder In Possession Receiving skills

Central Defensive Midfielder In Possession Receiving skills

The objective of this drill is to show how a Central Defensive midfielder can transition play when in possession.

You will need at leat two people for this drill and ideally 3 goals but we can use cones for the drill instead.

You set the pitch up to replicate the position on a pitch that the CDM will operate (In front of the defence but behind the midfield). The CDM receives the ball from a central defender initially running towards the ball being played in and uses the front foot to shift the ball away from danger and passes it out to the position of the other central defender, keeping possession. We then develop this on to roll out and pass the ball to a midfielder.

The drill is about retaining possession. The first thought should be can i roll out and play a forward pass? The second thought should be if i cant play forward how can i retain possession?

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