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Full Back 1v1 defending excellence

Full Back Out of Possession 1v1 defending excellence

In this drill we are focusing on defending in a 1v1 situation. The objective is to show the attacker down the line and not directly at a goal. To slow down the attacker and when the time is right to tackle or win the ball.

You will need another player, two goals and as many balls as you have.

The Full Back passes the ball to the attacker and quickly advances to the attacker, arcing her run to ensure the attacker goes the way she wants the defender to, which is towards the line. The defender needs to get close to the attacker but not so close and not so far that the attacker has to make a decision to take the defender on.  Stay patient and be ready to pounce with a front foot tackle or a back foot block when the time is right.


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