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Reactions and footwork

Reactions and footwork

This drill works on your cognitive skills, your reactions and your footwork.

You will need a partner (parent/guardian or friend) two balls, six cones and a tennis ball.

Set the cones up as a square box and two cones outside the box. One player is inside the box and the other player is on the first cone outside the box. Pass the ball between the players using one or two touches. The player outside the box has a tennis ball. when comfortably passing between the players the player with the tennis ball throws it in the air near them. The player in the box must react quickly to the tennis ball being thrown and move towards the ball before the second bounce. Repeat this. Then get the second ball and the server now has the tennis ball and the second football. We are now introducing two movements. A reaction to catch the tennis ball and a movement to head the ball.

It’s a tricky drill this one as it requires the player to think about 3 things, Passing the ball, reacting if the tennis ball is dropped and then getting in position to head the ball. This one will need practice.

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