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Touch and turn

Touch and turn

The objective of this drill is to work on your first touch, make scanning a good habit and turn with the ball.

You will need a partner (parent/guardian or friend) one ball, seven cones and a rebounder.

Start with a player in the cones and a partner as the server at the cone at the top. The player in the cones needs to constantly scan as if there is a defender behind her. Pass the ball back and forth between the players along the ground and keep scanning. Then the server calls 2 different coloured cones and the receiving player scans to see where the cones are, receives the ball on her back foot ready to turn and then dribbles to the coloured cones called. After the second cone, punch the pass into the rebounder, receive to the back foot, turn out and pass the ball back to the server.  Repeat this calling different combinations of cone colours.

Make it harder by calling 3 cone colours to get the player to think, Increase the speed, change the way the pass is made in by making the player volley the ball and speed everything up


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