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Control and ball manipulation

Control and ball manipulation

The objective of this drill is to work on controlling the ball in a tight situation, manipulating the ball to confuse an opponent and doing this while being light on your toes.

You will need a partner (parent/guardian or friend) one ball and 3 cones set up as a triangle.

One player stands in the middle of the triangle, the other player (the server) is outside of the triangle. We start by the player inside the triangle moving around the cone at the back of the triangle and returning back to the centre. As the player is returning to the centre the server punches the ball into player who needs to control the ball with one touch around either the cone on the right or left and pass it back to the server. Repeat this drill using different cones and different feet.

Make it harder by using different parts of the body to control the ball, different parts of the foot to control the ball and different feet. The server can make it more difficult by changing the way the pass is made (on the floor, high ball etc) The player can also use different techniques of ball manipulation.

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