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How’s your touch

How's your touch?

The objective of this drill is to work on your touch.

You will need a partner (parent/guardian or friend) four cones and two balls.

Set the cones up in a square and then one player stands in the centre of the square and your partner is outside the square, serving the ball in. The player in the square starts by performing keepy ups (don’t worry if the ball hits the floor initially) the player on the outside serves the ball at the same time as the player in the centre passes the ball to the server, and the balls should cross. The player in the centre needs to try and get the ball that is served in under control with the first touch and preferably return to keep ups from the first touch. Again it doesn’t matter if the ball bounces although try to get a great first touch and back to keepy ups.

This is a difficult drill so don’t be too hard on yourself if you struggle at first. Practice will make it easier. Make it harder by closing in the size of the square meaning a better touch is required.

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