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First touch and turning

First touch and turning

The objective of the drill is to work on the first touch after receiving the ball and positioning the body to turn quickly and accelerate away with the ball.

You will need a partner (parent/guardian or friend) to pass the ball in. Six cones and one ball for this drill.

Your partner passes in the ball to you and you use your first touch to get the ball under control and pass it back to your partner. As the ball is being played into you make sure you check off (step back and forward) in a game scenario this creates a bit of space between you and your opponent. Make sure before you receive the ball that you can behind and around you. Receive the ball on the back foot, open your body when receiving the ball and dribble to the cone colour that has been called out. Pass the ball into a rebounder, again receive it on the back foot, turn and dribble and pass it back to your partner. Repeat.

Make it more difficult by using your weaker foot, increasing the pace and introducing a skill.

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