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At She Plays Football we are passionate about providing the tools to help you get better as a footballer. Our training videos are designed so that you can practice alone, with a friend or even with your mum and dad!

To really reach the top you need to practice and not just when you are at training or at a match day with your team. You need to spend time working on YOUR game. You need to master your strengths to make them super strengths and you need to practice your areas of weakness so that they become strengths. All of this takes time with a ball at your feet.

With the guidance from She Plays Football we can ensure you get the maximum benefit from the time you spend practicing so that you improve as an individual which in turn will benefit your team.



  • Access the SPF Curriculum
  • View Unlimited Training Videos per month
  • View Unlimited Specialist videos per month


  • <bold>In addition to the base membership:</bold>
  • Access all “Core” training programs
  • Free access to the SPF App
  • Free SPF Training Kit (After 3 months membership)


  • <h5>In addition to the Standard Membership:</h5>
  • Access all “Pro” training programs
  • Attend monthly online Q&A sessions with Pro footballers and expert coaches
  • Attend monthly Live Online Training Sessions
  • Free SPF Hoodie (After 6 months membership)

Why Join She Plays Football?

The only way to get better at football is to practice. We have created hundreds of videos to make sure you practice in the right way

Frequently Asked Questions

Do i need to join to access the training videos?2023-10-28T14:58:51+00:00

Yes. In order to access any of the training videos, you will need to join She Plays Football. Currently, you can join and get a free 14-day standard membership trial. At the end of the 14 days you can either:

  • Continue as a Standard Member – No action required
  • Become a Free Member – Need to downgrade and access 2 training videos per week
  • Cancel your membership – Cancel completely and remove all access
Will i need to provide a credit card to access the free trial?2023-10-28T14:59:41+00:00

Yes. You will not be charged until the 14-day free trial has finished. If you do not wish to continue with a paid Standard Membership after 14 days you will need to either downgrade or cancel before the 14 days have expired.

Do you offer a Free Membership?2023-10-28T15:01:18+00:00

Unfortunately not. You can join and obtain a free 14 day free trial and there are certain pieces of content that are free to access.

How do i cancel my membership?2023-10-28T15:02:04+00:00

In order to cancel my membership you will need to login and go to “My Account” in the menu. Then click on Subscriptions, go to the subscription and click “View” you will then see a button to cancel your subscription


The website has really helped my daughter to improve her dribbling ability which was a weakness identified by her coach. Top site

Jamie K, father of Mathilda K

The brilliant basics section of the site really brings to life the technique you need to practice to master things like curling the ball. Try showing someone how to do that at full pace. The super slo-mo videos really highlight where to strike the ball

Adam M, father of Zoe M

With the variety of videos on the website my daughter never gets bored, which makes my life easier. Thanks

Tom S, father of Lois S
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