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What to practice at Under 14

The simple answer is everything. These really are the critical years in football. All of the foundation you will have built up technically in your younger years should be second nature now.

Your dribbling, control, speed, endurance, first touch should be exceptional by now. It’s now how you apply these techniques in various scenarios such as 1v1 and combination play. However, don’t get complacent, continue to practice these in every session

You should continue to practice all of the technical aspects of the game but now you really need to focus on position-specific drills. How do i get better in my 2 favoured positions? How do i practice and master key elements of my role on a pitch?

The physical, tactical and psychological parts of development are key. Watch football on TV and live. Make notes on players in your position and ask your self “What went well? Even better if” make notes and try and apply this in training and in matches.