We exist to make every girl that plays football a better player and create the opportunity to reach the top

She Plays Football is an online football training academy created specifically for girls aged 6 to 16 years old by UEFA ‘A’ and UEFA ‘B’ female coaches.

Our objective is to provide girls with video training drills that will help them to grow and develop as football players when they are training by themselves, with parents/guardians or with friends.

Key Benefits:

  • Improve your technical ability and become a better player
  • Train the right way all of the time
  • Make weaknesses strengths, and strengths super strengths
  • 50+ training drills and growing
  • Created by UEFA ‘A’ & UEFA ‘B’ female coaches
  • Unique curriculum centred on the English FA 4 Quadrant model


We want as many people as possible to become better footballers and as such, you can join for free and never pay.

Our free plan provides you with:

  • View a maximum of 2 training drills per week
  • Only one child can have their own sub-account

No credit card required



At the heart of what we do is the player and this is our focus. However, every great player is supported by their parent or guardian and their coaches and so our site aims to help them to help the player to develop


Find football training drills that will help you turn weaknesses in to strengths and strengths into super strengths. Practice in your own time and master the art of football

Parent or guardian

Ever wondered how you can help your daughter to develop? SPF will provide you with professionally created football training drills that you can help her to practice in the right way for maximum benefit


We are sure like all coaches you want to develop every player individually. However, all of your training has to support the team. SPF allows you to suggest drills that each player should practice to improve their ability that they can do in their own time.


Our videos have been professionally created by our Technical Director, Cori Daniels. We launched with 50 drills and we are releasing more videos every week. You can filter our videos to find the video that will help you as an individual to focus on the areas you need to improve.

Member Testimonials

The brilliant basics section of the site really brings to life the technique you need to practice to master things like curling the ball. Try showing someone how to do that at full pace. The super slo-mo videos really highlight where to strike the ball

Jamie K, Your Content Goes Here

With the variety of videos on the website my daughter never gets bored, which makes my life easier. Thanks

Tom S, Your Content Goes Here

The website has really helped my daughter to improve her dribbling ability which was a weakness identified by her coach. Top site

Adam M, Your Content Goes Here