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Why She Plays Football exists

We created She Plays Football to provide girls and female coaches with an opportunity to succeed in football. Everyone knows that to reach the top in football you need to train and develop in your own time on top of any coaching you get from your team coach.

How do you do that? Some will do keepy-ups and skills until it gets dark. Some will go up the field with a goal and practice free kicks or shooting. Some will practice their speed or penalties. There is a time and a place for this practice.

She Plays Football aims to provide training drills in all aspects of football development that you can do in your own time but knowing that everything you practice follows a rounded curriculum created by our UEFA ‘A’ Technical Director Cori Daniels.

Who is She Plays Football for?

She Plays Football is 100% about the individual player or coach. Unlike many platforms that are out there, we do not exist to provide coaching drills to coaches. We exist to provide quality online coaching that will help individual players to become the player they want to become.

We are working to a curriculum that has been created by Cori Daniels our Technical Director who is one of only 60 or so female coaches in England with a UEFA ‘A’ Coaching qualification. The Curriculum is based on the England National FA 4 Quadrant methodology and focuses on:

  • Technical/Tactical
  • Physical
  • Psychological
  • Social

At the heart of what we do is about helping a player to develop their ability and skill in a structured way to become the player they want to be. It doesn’t replace the team-based coaching she may get from her team coach but it supplements that coaching with training that is focused on the individual player and will improve her, which in turn benefits the team on match day

Youth players need help though and they need support from their parents and their coaches so She Plays Football also helps the support structure around the player.

Benefits of She Plays Football

Purely for the player

We exist to make the individual a better player

Focus on you as an individual

Work on areas that you or coach wants you to improve

Guidance on effective drills

Our coaches have created series of videos on key areas that will make a difference

Join a community

Everyone on SPF plays football and is trying to make it to the top just like you

50+ training videos

Over 50 training videos with new videos coming weekly

Rated by other players

All of our videos are rated by our users to help you get the most out of SPF

Professional female coaches

ALL of our coaches are female UEFA 'A' or UEFA 'B' coahces

English FA 4 quadrant curriculum

Our curriculum and drills have been created in line with the English FA 4 Quadrant model