What is She Plays Football?

She Plays Football exists to provide a community for football playing girls between the age of 6 and 16 years old. Our focus is you, we want to help you get better at football and join a community of friends that want to enjoy football.

Our online community aims to provide top quality training videos to help you get better as a player, a curriculum created by a UEFA ‘A’ coach that will help you plan your development as a player, guidance on what it takes to succeed and a community of like minded players that are on the same journey as you.

Everything we do is created by women and girls to support the female football community and we want you to be part of it and become the player you want to be.

Training Videos

We have created over 50 training videos, and growing, that will help you improve your technical ability as a player. All of the drills you can do by yourself, with a parent or with a friend

Training Programs

Let us guide you through your development as a player by providing you with a structured training program by level and position. Each program lasts 4 weeks and will cover all 4 FA quadrants

UEFA Coaches

It’s important that you practice and develop in the right way, so we have worked with UEFA qualified coaches to ensure that we can provide content as if they were coaching you 1-2-1

Our Curriculum

Every player is different and at different stages of development and so we thought it was important to create a curriculum as a way of guiding you through the next stage of development. Our curriculum explains what you need to work on In and out of possession by position

Mobile app

We know that to practice you will be in the garden or in a field and so that you can practice when it’s convenient for you we have created a mobile version of the site. Whether you have an apple or android phone you can download the app and take She Plays Football with you


We are not just about practicing football as there is much more than kicking a ball to succeed at football. So we are working with top nutritionists, psychologists and performance scientists to bring you a wealth of content that will help you off the pitch as well as on

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Latest training videos

Here are our latest training videos, we aim to release a couple of new videos every week so you will never run out of things to practice

Latest News

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CORI DANIELS – SHE PLAYS FOOTBALL TECHNICAL DIRECTOR How and when did you get into football? From as early as I can remember I have always had an interest in football. My dad is a massive football fan and football was always on the tv. Having an older and younger sister who weren’t interested in sport I didn’t really have anyone to play football with! So I guess it all started in the school playground with the boys! As you can imagine, a girl [...]

Spotify Joins Forces with London City Lionesses and She Plays Football to Increase Grassroots Participation in Girls’ Football

Spotify has linked up with London City Lionesses and She Plays Football to empower the next generation of girls who are passionate about football. The aim is to increase the diversity of grassroots participation and provide once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to girls who aspire to play and access the beautiful game. Across the summer, starting from May 15, up to 600 girls in Barnet and surrounding North London areas will be offered free 90-minute football training sessions every weekday from 4pm-7pm at Powerleague Barnet with facilities [...]